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VIPs are everyone who have purchased their machine or software from either Jensen's Vac & Sew or The Sewing Store. Below are a few of the benefits our VIP members enjoy.

Specialty Sewing & Embroidery Classes & Clubs - You will keep current with all of the latest techniques and notions. If you purchase your machine/software from The Sewing Store or Jensen’s Vac & Sew you will be entitled to many of our classes at no extra cost or at discounted fees to you! 

One on One Owner’s Lessons - You will become an expert on your new machine! One on One lessons will teach you how to navigate your new machine.

Creative sewing classes are also available. Monthly creative classes are held in groups. 

Preferred Customer Discounts - You will save on accessories, embroidery designs, and notions everyday! Special discounts are also available on some of our creative classes just for you!

Priority Maintenance & Repair - Get your machine home faster! We do all of our work “in house” as apposed to “sending it out” so you won’t need to wait any longer than necessary.

Software Support - You may attend free group lessons on software we sell, plus get free telephone and email support!  

Upgrade - When you purchase your machine from us you get 6 months to upgrade to a machine that has even more features! Get your purchase price off the price of a machine that is higher up in the line. This saves you money!

When purchasing a new machine all of the above items are extremely important and are available from us, at no extra charge!

Please keep in mind, warranty labor is only covered through customers who have purchased their machines from Jensen's Vac & Sew or The Sewing Store. If you purchased your machine elsewhere you are responsible for the cost of the repair. VIP customers (customers who have purchased their machines here) get priority service and are bumped up towards the front of the line.