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Ryan's Case for Smiles

Ryan's Case for Smiles is one of the few volunteer organizations solely dedicated to helping sick children cope with the stress of their illnesses and injuries.  Cindy Kerr began making pillowcases for her son Ryan more than a decade ago to brighten up his hospital room and put a smile on his face.  Although Ryan is no loner with us physically, his legacy lives on as Ryan's Case for Smiles.  This organization provides children whimsical pillowcases that give them an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness.  This simple gift provides proven stress relievers including distraction and hope to enhance the emotional well-being of the children and their families.  Please help with this cause by: 

*Sewing a Pillowcase, Pillowcase Instructions
*Donating Fabric of 100% cotton with whimsical patterns and happy colors, no metallic fibers, no skulls please
*Spreading awareness about this mission.

All donations may be dropped off at The Sewing Store.  If you would like to join us in our Open Sews, dedicated to creating these pillowcases just check our class calendar for the times and dates and show up at anytime during the Open Sew. 3/4 yard of fabric for the body and 1/3 yard of fabric for the border.  If you do not wish to sew the pillowcases all fabric donations can be dropped off any time we are open.

More information with regards to this cause may be found at Case for Smiles