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Do you have the urge to serge?

In all of my years of selling machines, I have found the serger to be the least understood.  I have developed a class for those of you who a wondering if you should purchase a serger.  I have sold $5000 sergers and sergers under $500.  If you find an easy to use, under $500 serger, I say "get it" since going up the line will add more creature features and basically give you 2 machines in one, but the basics are the basics on all sergers.  If you think you will be serging like a rock star, then you will want a machine that will hold up.  You definitely want a machine that is easy to thread.  I must admit that the very easiest to thread, the jet-air threading machines, do come with a higher price tag, something you can avoid if you purchase a non-jet-air serger that is super simple to thread.  Another advantage to "not breaking the bank" on one machine, is that a separate cover stitch machine can be added to your serger and you can still keep the price tag under $1000.  That's right, 2 separate machines and you are still under $1000.  Let me show you what these machines are all about so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to make that purchase.