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Christmas Village Club

I really love this village and I wanted to figure out a way that we could all do this and have it ready for next Christmas, so far this is what I have planned.

We will have one day a month, maybe 2. We will go over all of the details of the Village. You will be given all of the knowledge and know how to complete the one project during that month.

The following month you will bring your pieces to the next meeting and assemble them. The next meeting will also be the start of another building. I am going to let you help me decide which day is best to meet. We will be consistent and meet every month on the same day. All you need to do is to come into the store and we will download the Village, which is now on sale for $299, for you onto our new USB stick. If you purchase the entire village, we will also print out the instructions for you. You will bring all of this to the first class. If you would rather purchase just one set at a time, the cost is $29. We will still download the project for you at our store but there will be a small fee for the USB stick and instructions printed. The entire Village is on sale now, so it is more cost effective to purchase. There will be no charge for the classes, as long as the village is purchased in our store. How does that sound?