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Computer Skills for Home Machine Embroiderers

One spot left for our next class scheduled for March 25 at 12pm

This lecture/demo class is totally generic with regards to home embroidery machine computer skills.  Learn how to create folders, rename folders, how to download, how to unzip and how to save a design to your USB sticks or other media.  No computer skills required.  Don't be frustrated at your embroidery machine only using the included embroidery patterns, there are thousands available on-line.  Learn how to get them, test them and use them!
Things to let us know when you register:
  • Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 or 10) you are using at home.
  • Do you directly connect your sewing machine to your computer?
  • Do you use a USB stick (flash drive, thumb drive) to transfer embroidery designs?
These things you should write down for yourself and bring to class so we can address each of your questions!
Cost: $ 25.00
Skill Level:Beginner computer user
Requirements:Not required, but you may bring your laptop to class.
Instructor Name:Shirley
Instructor Bio:Shirley