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Where is my class?

I am looking for a class on (fill in the blank) and it is not on the calendar.  What should I do?

The very first thing would be to talk to one of us and we will see if we can work that class into The Sewing Store's class schedule.  Usually our instructors require a minimum of 3 students for any class to be scheduled.  If you have friends interested in completing  the same project meeting the minimum attendee requirement, let us know about it and we will make room for that class on our schedule.  We do not just want you to read from an instruction manual.  We want you to learn.  We enjoy seeing learning taking place for each and every student.  

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Holiday Celebration - November 1st - 30th (Ongoing) - Spend $79 and receive Enchanting Silhouettes #12589 for free. ($69.99 value) - Download will automatically be added to cart. Let's start shopping!

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The slideshow above moves a bit fast or slow for some.  To stop and see details simply mouse over the slide without clicking, this will stop the slides from advancing giving you time to see more detail if you would like.  For some, the slides cannot move fast enough.  We try to keep current things that maybe of interest to everyone in the slideshow, it is just a tiny bit of what is going on at
The Sewing Store.  Please enjoy, or better yet, stop in!